AudioProc Lite Documentation

AudioProcLite v1.8 (C)2010 by Clay Hellman

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AudioProc Lite is a simple-to-use high-quality multiband audio dynamics processor for Winamp that utilizes the same multiband compression/expansion/limiting technology that expensive professional broadcast hardware is based upon. Your music will be enhanced to provide more loudness, punch and consistency in volume and spectral balance.  Dull or quiet material will be livened up, and excessively edgy or loud material will be softened and tamed.  The result is a warm and bright, non-fatiguing, properly balanced and artifact-free sound.  Simple normalization can also be achieved.  If more audio processing control is desired or needed, check out AudioProc at


Once dsp_AudioProcLite.dll is installed in the Winamp Plugins directory, it can be selected as a DSP plug-in from within Winamp, from within a DSP stacker plug-in, or from within an output plug-in that allows DSP use, such as some crossfading plug-ins.  Once the plug-in is selected, your 15-day trial period will begin.  If you have purchased a full license, click the "License" button at the bottom of the plug-in window.  The license wizard will guide you through the process of activating your full license.  Once the plug-in is selected, it will begin processing immediately, using the currently selected processing type.

Please note, if you are moving your license from one computer to another, you must deactivate it first on the old computer by clicking the "License" button and then selecting the "Deactivate" option.  This will free up the license to be used on another computer.


Type of processing:
  - Enhancer:      Provides general enhancement and consistency
  - FM Stereo:     Provides processing for FM Stereo broadcasting
  - AM Radio:      Provides processing for AM Radio
  - Web Radio:     Provides processing suitable for webcasting
  - 10 Band Level: Provides normalization with 10 band compression
  - 5 Band Level:  Provides normalization with 5 band compression
  - 3 Band Level:  Provides normalization with 3 band compression
  - 2 Band AGC:    Provides fast 2-band AGC with fast limiting
  - Normalizer:    Provides gentle volume normalization and limiting
  - OFF:           Bypasses all processing

  - Allows bass to be boosted or cut.

  - Allows treble to be boosted or cut.

  - Allows the average level of the audio to be boosted or cut without
    modifying the peak level.

Note that Bass, Treble and Density have no effect with the Normalizer and 2 Band AGC type of processing, as these processing types do not utilize multiband processing.


Enhancer, FM, AM and Web processing is based on 5-band processing which utilizes the CPU moderately.  10 Band Level utilizes the CPU the most.  3 Band Level utilizes the CPU lightly.  2 Band AGC and Normalizer do not use any multiband processing and utilize the CPU the least.


(1) Currently, only 44.1khz 16-bit audio is supported.  Other formats will pass through un-processed.

(2) When multiple instances of the DLL attempt to start, Winamp will likely crash.  Some output plugins that support DSPs, as well as some multiple DSP stackers, can potentially allow multiple instances, even if they are not currently selected.  If you de-select an output plugin that has AudioProc DSP in use, please de-select AudioProc from its DSP selector first, then de-select the output plugin.


Problem: The sound is not being processed by the plug-in

Reason: AudioProc Lite is not enabled, or the input file is not 44.1khz 16-bit, or the trial has expired.

Remedy: Make sure AudioProc Lite is selected as the current DSP plug-in.  Use only with 44.1khz 16-bit audio files.  Ensure that your 15-day trial is still active, or purchase a license.

Problem: Computer runs slow and/or audio skips

Reason: AudioProc Lite can utilize the CPU heavily to perform its tasks.

Remedy: Run AudioProc Lite in a more CPU-friendly mode or run on a faster computer.  (See CPU REQUIREMENTS above).

Problem: Some previously played material can often be heard when changing songs.

Reason: AudioProc Lite must buffer some of the sound in order to perform high-quality filtering and processing.  As a result, some previous material can often be heard immediately after switching to new material (ie. selecting a new song).

Remedy: Continuous / gapless / crossfader output plug-ins can resolve this issue.  Note that these buffers are cleared automatically if playback is stopped for more than five seconds -- after this, no previous material will be heard when playback is restarted.