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AudioProc V1.83 and AudioProc Lite V1.83 are now available for download! This update fixes activation bugs that many users have been experiencing, and also fixes the problem where some 15-day trial licenses do not automatically activate. The "FM Stereo" preset is much more punchy, with more depth. Upgrade Today!!!

So what is AudioProc??

AudioProc and AudioProc Lite are high-quality multiband audio dynamics processors for Winamp that utilize the same multiband compression/expansion/limiting technology that expensive professional broadcast hardware is based upon. Your music will be enhanced to provide more loudness, punch and consistency in volume and spectral balance. Dull or quiet material will be livened up, and excessively edgy or loud material will be softened and tamed. The result is a warm and bright, non-fatiguing, properly balanced and artifact-free sound that resembles the competitive 'on the air' sound signature of major market FM radio stations. Our plug-ins can also be used for simple normalization and/or equalization tasks.

Privacy Note: Our software contains no adware or spyware. Your privacy is fully respected.