AudioProc Lite

Very simple to use, with only four controls: Processing Type, Bass, Treble and Density. Suitable for PC-based music playback and Server-based music playout systems for home or commercial use. Uses the exact same processing engine as AudioProc! This plug-in caters to users who want simplicity and do not need or want more control over their sound.

Requirements: Winamp media player or any player that supports Winamp DSP plug-ins. A minimum CPU speed of 800MHz is recommended for most processing types. The "Normalizer" processing type will run on a very slow computer. A minimum CPU speed of 1.0GHz is recommended for the 10-band processing type(s).

Instructions: Download and install the plug-in, then select AudioProc Lite as your DSP plug-in from within Winamp. Your 15-day trial period will start at the time you run the plug-in for the first time. You may purchase and install a full license after testing the trial version thorougly. After you receive your license key(s) by email, click "License" from within the plug-in window, then enter the license key when prompted. A full license does not expire and can be moved freely between computers. Licenses allow free upgrading to future 1.x versions of the purchased product.

Download: AudioProc Lite V1.83 Winamp Installer (2012-01-17)
Download: AudioProc Lite V1.83 ZIP for non-Winamp installs (2012-01-17)

When purchasing a license, your license key will be sent instantly to the email address you provide in your order. Please ensure you enter your email address correctly and temporarily disable spam filters to ensure that you receive your license key. If there are any problems with your order, please Contact Us for quick resolution.

Single AudioProc Lite V1.x License ($19.99 USD)

UPGRADE NOTE: If you purchased an earlier version of AudioProc Lite and wish to upgrade, you may download and install the latest version of AudioProc Lite. There is no need to re-license the product.